Lady Pentweazle's maggot

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This CD from the Rude Mechanicals includes some musical gems found in collections dating back to the 19th Century and earlier (when 'maggot' meant a whimsical fancy), through to some recently-written tunes and a few that are well known among local players in Sussex. Arrangements and accompanying parts are by the Rude Mechanicals.

Here's the track list:

1. Sheffield hornpipe / Stockton hornpipe
2. Friar's breeches
3. Leaving Friday Harbour
4. Liam Brown's / Jer the rigger / Sullivan's
5. Cahiramee
6. CiG Polska
7. O'Connell's farewell
8. Shetland bus
9. Hot punch / Little burnt potato
10. Dorsetshire hornpipe / West End
11. Rosin the bow
12. Santa Claus
13. Biddlestone hornpipe / Proudlock's
14. Gentiane mazurka / Brezon waltz
15. Trip to Brighton / Uncle Bernard's
16. Wild hills of Wannies
17. Navvy on the line / Laird of Gulberwick
18. Vals a Lulu
19. Humours of Wapping / Lady Pentweazle's maggot
20. Girl with a blue dress / Unfortunate tailor / Percy Brown's
21 Pilvi & Esko's waltz


"A cracking album of really fine traditional music" (Mike Harding)

Great value at 10 if bought in person from the band, or 12 by mail order.

Or you can buy this CD together with the latest one, Sergeant Early's dream, for the bargain combined price of 15 in cash or 17 by mail order.